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"I do a considerable amount of voice over and production work where I have to find voice talent, and KC definitely has the goods! Listen to just 3-seconds of his demo reel, and you will want him for your project. Amazing range and talent!"
~ C. B.; Freelance Creative Writer -
"KC Cady is one of the most versatile, believable, and professional voice actors on the scene today. Highly recommended for your project!"
~ Hal B. (New York, N.Y.)
KC is a delight to work with. He's very professional and takes direction very well. I highly recommend using him for a voice talent!"
~ Erica R. (Producer/Creative Director)
“It was a lot of fun to collaborate with KC Cady on his Commercial Demo! This guy has a voice perfect for National Branding. Great job KC! You sound outstanding!!!”
~ Stanley F. (CEO, Award-Winning Producer/Director)

"From the simple to the sublime, KC Cady breathes vibrant life into every character performance. His versatility and interpretation are spot on as he approaches every job with fresh perspective. His professionalism is always on display and I highly recommend him--but only if your serious about your project! He brings his 'A' game to every job."
~ Herb M. (Hollywood, CA.)
“I discovered KC's work a couple of years back when researching for Voice over styles and artists for a big production I was working on. Something about his delivery and style stuck with me. As soon as the right opportunity arose I knew he would have the perfect voice for the production. We recently worked together on national Maltese ad campaign for a large telecommunications company and quite simply, he knocked it out of the park. I looked forward to working with KC again soon and as soon as I have the right production he will be the first call I make. Thanks KC, you are a legend!"
~ Steve E. (Owner; eMotion In Sound - Republic of Malta)

"KC is the absolute right choice if your goal is to make your copy POP! The man is amazing, a million voices, each with its own personality, which he conveys with expert, professional, precision."
~ Ellery K. (New York, N.Y.)
“Great voice...great talent...great personality...
someone who will give your project the edge.”
~ Mike H.

"A voiceover legend!"
~ Jason R.
Kevin is a very talented and professional voiceover artist!”
~ Erica R.

Kevin Cady is a master at voices! He always comes up with something new and innovative and stays on the cutting edge of his craft. I would recommend Kevin to anyone interested in adding humor to their commercials. He's one of a kind!
~ Elizabeth F. - Rouprich, CEO/Founder of Visually Appealing, LLC
"Kevin is an extremely talented individual! I am amazed in how versatile and creative he is. The ultimate professional, confident and precise with his voice-overs and impressions."
~ James B.

“You have a warmth in your voice and quite a range!”
– Erica T. (VASTA Voice Coach)
"Creative, humorous, and talented KC brings a refreshing energy to every situation!"
~ Peggy T.

"Need a Character Voice? Checkout KC! He's got a virtual town full of characters rambling around inside of his head...ready to go to work for YOU!"
- Peter D.
"Hope your year is going well so far, Best of luck with your endeavors, and never give up on your dreams."
Sincerely, “Wedding Crashers” Creator
~ Dan B.

"A GREAT deep and versatile voice that sounds convincing. I will have you in my list of voice talents for English versions of the work I do here with my company!"
~ Rene F.
"Your website and demos are top notch! Continued good success to you!
~ Leigh L.-Voiceover Artist